This was the most fun I ever had at a party! I know events like this can be overwhelming for you so I am still really grateful you came.

I’m sorry that you were embarrassed, but the outfit was really cute. I promise that nobody was making fun of you just because you aren’t ‘in’ or have as much experience. Everyone was having a lot of fun, and you looked good too.

I would never want to pressure you, but please let me know if you would ever want to try it again. Maybe in three months you will be feeling a little better about it?

Anyway, I made a tape out of the songs it seemed like you were most enjoying. Though I have to admit it was a bit hard to tell once you started laying down on the ground and groaning.

  1. Barbie Young – Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix)
  2. Jenny Rom – Waka Laka (EMC2 Mix)
  3. Cybermaniac – 4-Ever Young
  4. Mjay & DanVee – The Sun Always Shines
  5. 4 Tune Fairytales – Take Me 2 Wonderland
  6. Hanna Stockzell – Bubblegum Dancer (J-Mi & Midi-D Mix)
  7. DJ Stompy – Forever Hardcore
  8. XS Project & Hard Bass School – Spb Hardcore