A dissection of Josie, revealing their brain, bones, and internal organs. It's all pretty nasty. Their internals are colorful and they are surrounded with a pink aura.

HEART: 160-190 bpm; also known as 4-Beat, Happycore, Bouncey Techno, Happy Gabber, Toytown. Saw a massive change in the 2010s for the more formulaic.

ARTERIES: The body's largest vessel has caused a blockade for all incoming or outgoing traffic. This spells disaster for intrasomatic trade. The ramifications may continue to be felt for years to come.


VEINS: Practically invisible. Intravenous therapy is an effort that is ultimately in vein.

TONSILS: You know tonsil stones? These are geodes. It’s like Nestle’s Wonder Ball in there.

LYMPH NODES: Only recently received the geometry nodes update. Still making spaghetti in the shader node editor.


TEETH: Jaw still sore after a recent floating.

LUNGS: Strong.


GALLBLADDER: Approximately 62% more gall than the bladder.

RECTUM: Damn near killed ‘em.

KIDNEYS: You know, this is a great time to ask. If all of a person’s organs are individually replaced with transplants, are they still the same person?