Effortlessly and monotonously, Drew guided Acorn as he did it all over again.

It was time to try to steer them away from the fire. “Look, we have to go,” Acorn said urgently, gesturing out into the woods. “Anywhere! We need to get away!”

The horse just stared vacantly at him.

“I know you understand me! Just go!”

He felt a surge of rage rising up through his body. Rising up onto his hind legs, he used his forepaws to strike the horse, trying his best to shove them forward. It didn't budge them at all, so he moved on to his next option: biting them really hard.

It worked. Upset Tummy thrashed and kicked him off of them, where he landed hard again the ground, and then they began to run in the opposite direction.

That was exactly what he needed. After getting his bearings, he took chase.

They ran, weaving between trees, up and down rocky paths. “Holy shit, horses are fast,” he gasped to himself. He could barely keep up with the beast as they galloped through the woods.

They had been running aimlessly for quite a while. His heart was pounding, his feet ached, but he was more certain than anything that he had to keep the horse safe.

He looked around – they had left the forest quite a while ago, into an open area. It was now that he realized he was not far from the very same hill he had climbed as a child, a little ways away from his childhood home. A chill ran up his spine.

Suddenly, a horrible sound rung out through the clearing. It was so loud that it even caused him to stumble.

“What was that?” Acorn asked, legs trembling. His ears swiveled, tracking where it was coming from. Soon his eyes followed – then his heart sank.