Drew punched his fist against the keyboard, which did fuck all to help him. Then he closed his eyes tight and rubbed his eyelids, pressing them just barely hard enough to stare into the patterns, as if that would reveal any hidden secrets or cheat codes.

The secret super-hard bonus level of the video game Cave Story, as seen through a kaleidoscope, or in this case the back of someone's eyes.

“Dude, I hate this fucking game,” he muttered.

This time, instead of jumping right back into the swing of things, he moved the cat over to the signpost right past the entrance and just sat next to it while he made his next plans.

Welcome to Hell!

“And how am I supposed to get past all these stupid hazards? You literally can’t dodge the fire. Plus all my weapons got nerfed. This is bullshit. I don’t even want the best ending anymore, I just wanna put this stupid game down.”

He didn’t know why he was talking to himself – he normally didn’t, he felt too self-conscious to even hear his voice. And it just felt weird, talking while he was totally and utterly alone.

Welcome to Hell!

“I get it. This level sucks.”

Welcome to Hell!