This time around, Acorn wasted no time. He went straight to the barn as fast as his little legs could take him, explained his situation to Marigold, and did his best to stay out of trouble.

When Upset Tummy came around, he tried his hardest to stay quiet and be respectful. In general, he did what he could to make his relationships with the others as polite and courteous as possible.

This did not make him more respected or less stressed, but it was the first cycle where he managed to live for more than a day. A month later, he had settled in as a member of the farm.

He did not ever see the “human” leader they spoke about in hushed tones, but he was told he was expected to be polite, stay out of trouble, and do his part.

His part, as it turned out, was hunting small rodents. He didn't like it very much, neither the noises nor the taste, nor the moral implications of killing something that could look him in the eyes and scream, but it was his duty and he did not want to get in any more trouble.

Meanwhile, he grew to learn more about Marigold, the leader of the group. Her deal, as it were, was that she found their existence on the ‘farm’ to be a form of prison and wanted to escape. He had watched her do so several times; each time, she was discovered and quietly returned to her confinement.

He almost felt bad for her, but he was growing to enjoy his cushy living situation. Barely any activity, no predators, and just about all the fresh kill he could afford to eat, even if it was rodents.