“Hey there Yewchew! It's me, your favorite spooky story reader. Let's huddle up to the campfire, because I'm about to read you a great little webcomic called Needleminder...”

“Not a webcomic,” Drew interjected.

“Oh.” She shuffled her papers. “Really?”

“There are no comic panels. All the images are merely illustrations. That defeats the purpose of a webcomic, doesn't it?”

She hummed. “In that case... Let's get ready to play a wonderful little ARG-”

“Not an ARG. There is no alternative being presented to the reader's reality. There are no real-world interactive elements.”

She scratched her chin clumsily with her foot. “What is it, then?”

“It's just a story. Not everything needs to be in a marketable box.”

“Aw. But how will it get popular?”

“I'd really rather it didn't