It’s dark.

It’s my first time processing that there aren’t actually walls on the inside of the drawers. There are corpses all around me.

I have to sit very, very still in order to not touch them.

I feel sick.

We have watched Shrek five times now.

That means it’s been, what …

Five hours? Does that add up?

I’ve been trying to remember anything about Shrek 2 for you, but I can only really remember the scene where he’s in bed looking up at the poster, and then you start to cry, so I stop and go back to the first movie.

“I don’t care what everyone likes. Ogres are not like cakes.”

We like that scene. We rewind to it a few times.

“I don’t care what everyone–“


God damn it. What?

“I don’t care what everyone likes. Ogres are–“