if we had that child, which one of us would dig the hole, do you think?
I think we would take turns
I would kill that thing
Nothing fucking HAPPENS!
this happened to my buddy Alex
Movie wouldn't have happened if these guys had family counseling and got their kid some therapy.
i liked the cat.
if I was a little guy on the back of your head...
I could make you peanut butter sandwiches. just saying
Holy fuck, this was difficult to follow.
i read the original french-language comic this was based on and i found it a lot more enjoyable.
Huh. Neat.
There is a character in this movie named Mid-Sized Sedan
I found this movie oddly romantic. Is something wrong with me?
yeah man you have Sad Syndrome and Little Pervert Disorder. you sad little pervert.
Ahh, right.
I would fuck Herbert no hesitation
Nobody asked you in the slightest.
I would let his special injection re-animate these cheeks
Going to actually die.
Orin sucks, but he's got it going on, right? you know what I mean? I mean he sucks sooo bad but just look at him.
dreamy sigh.
What the... Er... This isn't a horror movie.
speak for yourself. being accepted for who you are regardless of how you look? horrifying.
I'm the thing
No, I'M the thing.
Ladies, ladies, we can all be the thing
So what, it's a scary clown? Boo. Clowns aren't scary. You know what IS scary?
is it dinosaurs
Now this is my kind of movie