1. Mike Doughty - Looking At the World from the Bottom of a Well

Oh all the days that I have run
I sought to lose that cloud that's blacking out the sun
My train will come, some one day soon
And when it comes I'll ride it bound from night to noon

2. Tom Cardy - Why Am I Anxious?

Why am I anxious?
Why is God doing this to me?
Even though I ask, I don't want to know
I want to get better, but slow

3. Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson

So I'm lying here just staring at the ceiling tiles
And I'm thinking about, oh, what to think about
Just listening and re-listening to Smiley Smile
And I'm wondering if this is some kind of creative drought
Because I'm lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did

4. lando! - a part of me

I know it hurts to know the truth
But all you care about is you
And you want everyone to know
How you are stuck inside this loop

5. ell yot & tv room - Party Favor

Silent, slowly sinking
In the corner of this kitchen, thinking
Don't know why I can't unwind
and have fun anymore


1. Starbuck - Lucky Man

Rock and roll just keeps me crazy
Southern living makes me lazy
Tired of playing Casanova
When I'm just a Shady Grover

2. The Beach Boys - Kokomo

Afternoon delight
Cocktails and moonlit nights
That dreamy look in your eye
Give me a tropical contact high
Way down in Kokomo

3. Barenaked Ladies - In the Drink

Up like a rocket, down like the rain
Back and forth like a choo-choo train
I have a secret that just won't keep
All I wanna do is brush your teeth

4. The Bonedaddys - Waterslide

You can wear my underwear, vindaloo for us to share
Always presents under your tree
Keep your secrets in my head, eat your crackers in my bed
Ride an innertube to the sea

5. Woody and Jeremy - Work Together

I don't know what to say
But I know we're in the same dream
Letting time melt away
Like your peanut butter ice cream


1. Cake - Comfort Eagle

He says, "Now do you believe in the one big song?"
He's now accepting callers who would like to sing along
He says, "Do you believe in the one true edge
By fastening your safety belts and stepping towards the ledge?"

2. Woody and Jeremy - Rolling in the Basement

I won’t tell my parents, you won’t tell my parents and
We’re gonna be rolling, rolling in the basement

3. Tall Boy Special - Blank White Poster

His only decoration is a blank white poster
It's leveled and it's centered, it's a blank white poster

4. KNOWER - The Government Knows

The government knows when you feel alone
And it's getting late and you're sitting at home

5. Moxy Fruvous - King of Spain

Prince and pauper, junior and whopper
A world made up of silver and copper
Under my own volition, I took a change of position



1. The Main Drag - Dove Nets

No such thing as a short recovery
Sewing, sewing, so what?
Your blood veins, it frames a lottery
Sew! So? Sew! Sewing! So what?

2. Barenaked Ladies - I'll Be That Girl

I'll be that girl and you would be right over
If I were a field, you would be in clover
If I were the sun, you would be in shadow
And if I had a gun, there'd be no tomorrow

3. Lemon Demon - A Mask of My Own Face

I look into my eyeholes and what do I see?
Look into my eyeholes, tell me what you see

4. Odds - Someone Who's Cool

And I'm the song about the song
That once said something new
I'm a scandal that's unfolding
I'm a picture that I'm holding
Of someone who is cool


1. Tom Cardy - Get Louis Theroux It

You're in charge, you can do it
Ask a question, keep control
Get Louis, get Louis
Stare into their mortal soul

2. Herb Alpert - Tijuana Taxi

Hey, ya wanna swing, have yourself a fling
Meet some pretty thing, livin' like a king
Picture postcards, and hot tequila
French perfume, man, from Venezuela

3. Bobby Conn - Never Get Ahead

Monday morning 9AM
Boy you’re looking cute
All dressed up like a little man
In your business suit

4. Drive45 - Avenues

Saw you changed your clothes and made new friends
But I think you know how that will end
Maybe you should give your eyes to me
Everyone thinks you look ugly

5. Tom Cardy - Red Flags

Stop hiding behind your silly made-up red flag
To not take a chance on the best relationship you never had


1. Reel Big Fish - Everything Is Cool

I guess it is my fault
But do you blame you at all?
I'll have to let you go
I just want you to know that
Everything is cool, how are things with you?
Everything is cool, I wish you were dead

2. Sidney Gish - Bird Tutorial

Because a carefully trained voice
A scientific voice
Repeats over and over and over
The same words, the same phrase

3. Jukebox the Ghost - Static

A man crouches on the street with static in his eyes
And takes it as a sign from the gods up above
To shout from the rooftops and write letters to the government
He's writing revelations for the showdown

4. Minimall - Static

I have had it if I let myself float
With my mind twisting erratic
I might feel you through the static


1. Lemon Demon - Ode to Crayola

I'm gonna rise at dawn with no clothes on
And color on my skin
Colors of life and love from heaven above
Absolve me of my sin



1. Cake - Shadow Stabbing

Adjectives on the typewriter
He moves his words like a prize fighter
The frenzied pace of the mind inside the cell


1. My Chemical Romance - Dead!

Have you heard the news that you're dead?
No one ever had much nice to say
I think they never liked you anyway

2. Lemon Demon - Really Cool Wig

I don't want fame and fortune, I don't want a happy life
I just want to die—in my really cool wig
My really cool wig, my really cool wig

3. Freelance Whales - Generator ^ Second Floor

Don't fix my smile
Life is long enough
We will put this flesh into the ground again


1. Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

Today I don't need a replacement
I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant
My heart going boom boom boom
"Hey," I said
"You can keep my things, they've come to take me home"

2. The Killers - When You Were Young

Can we climb this mountain? I don't know
Higher now than ever before
I know we can make it if we take it slow

3. AJJ - Brave as a Noun

In this life we lead, we could conquer everything
If we could just get the braves to get out of bed in the morning


1. Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger

Sweet devotion, it's not for me
Just give me motion and set me free
And land and the ocean, far away
The life I've chosen, every day

2. Supertramp - The Logical Song

There are times when all the world's asleep
The questions run too deep
For such a simple man
Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned?
I know it sounds absurd
Please tell me who I am

3. Soul Coughing - Circles

But I can't sigh now that you made the move
It has gone and gone to dogs, lay down on the floor
For the right price I can get everything
Slip into the car, go driving to the farthest star


1. tv room - Time + Tragedy

And I know it's time plus tragedy
And still, for now, you're mad at me
It's just the way it has to be
People that you have to see

2. Moxy Fruvous - Half As Much

In a year or two
We'll see this distance and this heartache through
I never realized
That I would need the joys and secrets of your eyes
That much

3. Nelward - Hopscotch

The good old days, were they ever all that great?
So hard to say, because you never left my headspace
Like a thousand broken clocks
I tied a thousand useless knots
To finally find nostalgia's a crime


1. Barenaked Ladies - If I Had $1,000,000

And if I had a million dollars
Well, I’d buy you a K-Car, a nice reliant automobile
And if I had a million dollars, I’d buy your love

2. Moxy Fruvous - Darlington Darling

I'd like to buy her one (Where ya gonna get the money, son?)
I'd like to buy her two (But you'll never find the right bijou)
I'd like to buy her three (But you're workin' in a factory)
Said I'd like to buy her more
Than this blue collar can afford


1. tv room - Take A Hike

Sun goes up
Sun goes down
Every day goes round and round
I won’t forget that day I spent with you

2. Lemon Demon - Toy Food

Toy Food! Like real food, but is toy
Toy Food! Not real food, do not eat


1. They Might Be Giants - Experimental Film

I already know the ending
It's the part that makes your face implode
I don't know what makes your face implode
But that's the way the movie ends

2. David Guetta - Everytime We Touch

Every time we touch
The secrets of my beating heart are breaking free out of the dark
Every time we touch, yeah
All the things I can't express fill me with such happiness

3. Vulfpeck - Animal Spirits

This is a true love story song
A triumph and a glory song
With only one small caveat
This one hasn't happened yet
It's not the strongest narrative
But details aren't imperative
What matters is the way it ends


1. Montaigne - always be you

It'll always be you
You might not always come through
But I know you're trying to
So it'll always be you