The edge of a pool in darkness.

Woah guys, hold on, you nearly walked into that pool.

My life is a fucking nightmare. I feel like I've been doing this over and over for years.

I know, I'm sorry,

Are you IN on it? Are you CAUSING this?

Stop yelling at me! Stop blaming me for everything!

You aren't doing much to not be suspicious!

I'm trying to help!

Oh that's rich coming from you

Lol. Not like they're listening to me anyway.

Why do I have to have the answers for everything?

Because you're supposed to be the authority!

I'm not! I don't know who decided that for me! I don't WANT to be important I want to go home

Home to WHAT?

I don't know I don't know I don't know


Oh my God Josie calm down don't push him into the pool you know he can't swim