They drove around to the pickup window, where Alice could just barely see a greasy androgynous teenager clutching a bag and a drink. “That’ll be 6.48,” they said.

Joseph fished the money out of his wallet and passed it over in exchange for the food. As he reached his hand out the window, his lip turned up slightly. “Dude, you fucking reek.”

Alice frowned. “Don’t be such a narc,” she whispered to him. “Let’s just go.”

Joseph drove around to the parking lot and stopped to eat.

Alice fumbled through the bag for her sandwich, which she held in her hands apprehensively. It’s not like she had never eaten a chicken sandwich before, but having such a dramatic disruption to her routine was really sending her brain for a spin.

“Are you going to eat that anytime soon?” Joseph asked dryly, pulling out his salad – a diminutive thing in a black plastic container – and picking at it as if he was making sure it didn’t have bugs in it.

She peeled back a corner of the wrapper and stared at it.