This time, Alice found herself in a pitch-black room. Feeling around, she found walls, and as she traversed this space, she realized she was in a hallway… no, a maze.

A neon blue maze. Looks kind of like Pac Man.

“Where am I?” she asked into the void.

The Liaison called back: “Fine. Here is what we are going to do. I will read the menu out to you… one by one. You are going to imagine each and every single food, individually.”

Combo Meals

  1. Fucker Meal $4.49
  2. Double Fucker Meal $5.49
  3. Super Sloppy Bacon Cumgasm $6.69
  4. Bastard Son of Fucker Meal $3.59
  5. Jesus Christ’s Flesh and Blood Meal $4.49
  6. Original Chicken Sandwich $4.49
  7. Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich $4.49
  8. Fish Sandwich, Lightly Jizzed On $5.49