“What the hell?” she whispered to herself.

Joseph didn’t even seem to hear her, as he was distracted by more important matters: “You know, this place still has an amazing price these days for a bacon burger combo.”

“But, the… second menu?”

“Yeah?” He looked over at the menu, and then back at her. “That’s an amazing price for an Allergy Relief Softgels 24 Hour Meal!”

She put her head in her hands.

“Your order?” the voice over the speakers said.

Joseph cleared his throat, and then spoke: “I’d like a Little Vegetarian Bitch Option.”

“I just want the onion rings,” Alice said, waving her hand as if the speaker could see her.

“Yes, and I’d like some onion rings,” he added begrudgingly.

The speaker crackled for a bit. “We don’t have those anymore.”

“What?” Alice re-read the menu. No onion rings. “What do you mean?”

“He means they don’t have onion rings anymore,” Joseph explained impatiently. “You’re going to have to order something else.”

She felt as if her entire world had been split in two. Like when you bite an onion ring in half and all of the onion pulls out and you’re left holding just a husk of breading.