I just want to go home, she thought.

What was home? Her parents’ basement?

Take a tour of our 500 sqft 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment! Our location offers many amenities. Enjoy refreshing cold water from our sink! Or even try gazing thoughtfully out of our lovely egress window, located idyllically next to the corner with the spiderweb in it.

Features Include:

The location smack dab next to a main road is perfect for hearing train noises at 2 PM, 8 PM, 2 AM, and 8 AM. You will never not hear the haunting sounds of emergency vehicles, their sirens warbling like birds warped by the passage of time. One day, walking home, you’ll swear you had seen a raccoon. The next morning, it will be dead on the sidewalk, pulverized beyond recognition.

Unique Features:

Community Amenities:

Pet Policies: