They were driving past the Burger Burger again. She sat up in her seat and looked out of the window. “Slow down,” she said. Joseph followed her order, which gave her a chance to get a closer look. “It’s that guy again.”

He groaned, but kept his eyes on the road. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“No, seriously. Doesn’t he look just like you?” Her eyes were locked on a stranger they had driven past at least three times now, though she had never gotten him to look any closer. This person looked, in her opinion, exactly like Joseph, down to the hair brushed over his eyes and the fruity mustache, but this guy was dressed head-to-toe in some sort of religious robe. “Oh, look, the light is red. I’m gonna roll down the window this time, okay?”

“Oh Jesus,” Joseph said. She could hear him squeezing the steering wheel from stress, but that wasn’t going to stop her. The window was now open, and she was sticking her head out to listen to whatever the man was saying.

The hand must return to the eye,” the weirdo was yelling into a megaphone. “Just as the soul dies with the body, the hand rots with the eye.

“What?” She couldn’t stop herself from laughing. The street preacher made eye contact with her, and as soon as that happened, Joseph started rolling up the window. She quickly moved her hands away from the window so as to not get her fingers pinched.

“Don’t humor that kind of person,” he lectured her. “If you give them even a second of your attention…”

They both trailed off, looking straight ahead.

“It’s green,” she said softly. They drove off.