Acorn awoke to find that he could no longer move forward. He had reached the edge of existence.

The grass just ended. In front of him, behind some sort of invisible wall and floating above a vast unreachable void, was a beast the likes of which Acorn had never seen before. It was almost as small as him or any other cat he had known, but with terrible teeth, and long stripes that went along the length of its body.

It was a thylacine.

“Uh, you're not supposed to be here yet,” the creature barked. “What the hell?”

“Sorry,” Acorn mewed, starting to feel awkward. “Am I disturbing you?”

“Kind of. Do you need something?”

Acorn licked his lips nervously and then put his paw up again the barrier. “Can you help me get past this?”

“No! You're not even past world 7 yet. You still have to solve the violence puzzle and then we can think about relocating you."

Once Acorn came to some fast conclusions in his mind about the situation, his eyes felt like they were going to pop out of his head. “Are you God?”

“What? No. I'm just–” It shook its head and stomped its feet. “Not supposed to talk to you! Get out of here.”

He mewed a meaningless noise of confusion, and then sat down with his legs folded up underneath his body. “Do you have any advice, at least?”

“I'm not supposed to give hints.” It looked like it was really thinking over the request, though. “But you have been stuck on this one for a while. How's about this… Just go down.”

Acorn took the time to really think about that one.