The inside of this place was hot and wet, with a sour smell that burned his nostrils. He was certain the storm was going to break now, and he found himself wondering if this structure would be enough to keep him safe from the flash of light that had killed him last time.

“So just… hide somewhere in here, and don’t bother me,” she was saying to him, gesturing broadly at the piles of grass.

He walked over to one of the lumps and touched it gently with his forepaw, but quickly grimaced at the way it scratched between his toes. “I’d rather not,” he mewled. “Don’t you have anywhere more comfortable?”

“Stop being such a bitch about it,” she clucked. “Follow my lead or I kill you before you attract any more attention.” With that, she pulled out her claws, talons glinting.

“Got it!” He jumped into the pile and started burying himself in it, trying to ignore the way it felt on his skin.