It was big, and orange – almost as big as him, in fact – with a terrible claw on its face, and hatred in its eyes. Whatever this thing was, he was certain it wanted him dead.

“What the hell are you looking at?” it asked, to his utter shock. He leapt a foot into the air!

Once he landed, he skittered back over. “W-what are you?” he stuttered, lifting a paw in an anxious welcome.

“I'm a hen, you dork,” it said indignantly. “And what the hell is your deal? This is no place for cats.”

“Well, you see, I just got – nearly got killed by a wolf, and–”

Now it was really mad. “You brought a wolf here?!”

“No! Well, yes, I don’t know! I just need somewhere to hide, okay? Do you have any kind of shelter in this place?”

It was starting to pace around now. “Oh, this is bad… The last time a wolf was here…” Now it was saying stuff to itself that he couldn’t even keep up with, and as it walked it would kick the air behind it, sending dirt everywhere.

“Look, I don’t know what’s wrong, but can I just…” And then he leapt up from the ground and onto the wall, grabbing it as tight as he could. It was cold and harsh and slippery in between his toes, but he pushed past it, scaling it to the best of his ability.

“No! No you can’t! Do not come over here!”