He couldn’t dig anymore. His paws were filthy, sore, and bleeding. His whole body hurt. He needed water.

“Hello?” he cried out again. “Please…”

No answer.

“Please. I don’t know what I did.”

No answer.

“I’ll be good next time. Just let me out. Is it a joke? It isn’t funny.”

No answer.

Was it a prank one of the Leaves was playing on him? What had he done to deserve it? Could he even remember?

He struggled to remember anything. Anything at all. Anything about himself.


He began to scream.

He screamed,

and screamed,

and screamed,

until his voice gave out.

Did they forget him?

Where was anybody?

Where was he?

He laid down.

It was cold.

He needed water.

A sense of peace washed over him.

This was fine.

He could stay here.

He wouldn’t have to try anymore.

As he slipped away from consciousness,

his brain finally surrendered

the few memories it could give him.