So your best friend just disappeared into a pocket in time-space which you have no access to.

You stupid idiot. You dumb motherfucker. You mixed your antipsychotics with your painkillers. What were you expecting to happen?

I don’t know. I guess I expected to go to sleep for a while.

Yeah. I bet.

Can I go to sleep now?

Nope. You also drank caffeinated grapefruit juice. Are you for fucking real right now?

Wait, is that bad?

Oh yeah. And, let me take a look. Oh. Did you know this is your third dose of Tramadone today?

What? Oh my God.

Mmhmm. You’ve just been guzzling drugs for the past week. Did you know he’s right, it’s a miracle you’re alive? Your heart is pounding right out of your chest.

I thought I hadn’t taken it in a week. How much did I take? What was the LD, again? Oh my God.

If you panic, you’re going to pass out.

I’d rather pass out.

Then you’ll hit your head. People will see you.

Oh God.